If you walk out of Borough station and cross the road, you may catch a glimpse of the Uncommon building based at 1 Long Lane. Sandwiched between the church gardens and the increasingly busy Borough High Street, Uncommon boasts an array of cutting edge workspace design features that we love.

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As you first walk in the building you are hit with a wall of foliage. Climbing up between plants  you are greeted by charming Louise who sits amongst circa 50 different potted plants, and beneath a ceiling of ivy. The exposed steel aircon units running along the ceiling along with the hanging bare lightbulbs provide an industrial edge.

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Walls of green, exposed brick, smooth oak desks and of course more plants fill the breakout area at the front of the building, completed with a scatter of clients either working or enjoying a break. They even have a hidden fire wall, which rises out of one of the wall divides to warm those around it. Crazy.

healthy workspace mobfit corporate fitness

The cafe / bar  is stocked with loads of healthy options, including protein balls, nut & fruit tubs, vegan coconut jerky, and a little bit of choccy.
They don't just stop with the visual, what really sets Uncommon apart is the awakening of the other senses, such as smell and sound. The scented walls please my nostrils, albeit perhaps unconsciously until they were pointed out to me, and the down tempo beats keep you company. The toilets also smell lovely which is a rarity!
Depending on what type of room you are in, will depend on the surfaces you encounter. Every element is dictated by the function of the room. For example, the quiet hot desk room, which is utilised for more 'focused' work, has an array of soft dividers, and fabric chairs which help soak up the noises of a neighbouring workers' tapping laptop keys, whereas in the vibrant bar area you'll find a selection of stones and hard woods which amplify the atmosphere of after work drinks.
At the bottom of the building they have the 'creative lab' which I would imagine is ideal for working whilst hungover. Dimmed lighting and nice and quiet with a coffee and water station!

healthy workspace corporate fitness mobfit

And finally up top they have an impressive rooftop which looks out over the city highrise, and across west and south London. The wooden decking is filled with chairs and tables, sofas, and standing laptop perching stations, for those who want to correct their posture, take in the views, all whilst getting some more work done! Obviously they have a big sound system and bar for those summer socials.

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Uncommon's natural colour palette consisting of greens, greys and browns throughout the building create a calm and relaxed working environment. The result of this and all the other details is a friendly building. People seem to really enjoy working here, and we would highly recommend booking a tour if you are looking for a healthy workspace.

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