Businesses are increasingly looking for the balance between a productive workforce and a happy one; and funnily enough they are realising they go hand in hand.

We work with companies that want to offer their people more and who actively pursue the best in office/work environments. From Sunrise Yoga, Lunchtime HIIT to stress-busting Boxercise we offer an ever changing suite of classes. This combined with our other health and wellness services ensures you get the best out of your people and they get the best out of themselves.

No two sessions are ever the same; there is always a great mix of circuits, strength and conditioning exercises and games which means everyone is always fully engaged and motivated from start to finish. Rob and Mark have built a great rapport with everyone and the classes are now more popular than ever.

Jessica LaporteMVF Global

I definitely feel pushed in the right way - and i feel like it's me and my own testing rather than trying to get the whole class to the same level, which is really great and quite a unique thing to find in group sessions.

Office Space in TownClass Attendee

There's a fab mixture of team work, individual fitness and group sessions. I don't understand how you think of new stuff to do each week lol

MVF GlobalClass Attendee

I am just so impressed with these sessions. I feel so great after a 45min session. Rob is an excellent teacher. I feel personally stretched but never feel like i am competing with anyone else, which is really important!

Office Space in TownClass Attendee
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Our Offerings Include

Fitness Classes

Nutrition coffee mornings

Employee Health “M.O.T’s”

Massage services

Work station assessments

Individualised fitness initiatives

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